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Join our upcoming retreat...
A Portal To Remember

May 28 - June 2, 2024

A 6-Day & 5-Nights Nature Retreat to

REMEMBER your Essence, your Truth, your Wildness


Exploring Within:

A Journey of Rediscovery, Re-connection, & Reclamation


Have been in the quest towards inner discovery for a while but still are missing depth in their innermost connection.


Are searching for inner harmony and compassion within all parts of themselves


Are willing to fully feel their emotions and sensations, those wanting to dive deep


Want to face the discomfort of growth in a safe, loving and nurturing way.


Desire Liberation, Celebration, Authentic Expression and living in Alignment, welcoming all of who they are.


Love nature, and care for other human beings as well as all other life forms.


Want to connect deeply and open heartedly, creating brotherhood, sisterhood and community.


Those wanting spaces filled with absolute Love

Are you in?

What is this all about?

REMEMBER grows from the seed of curiosity planted within your inner landscape. It invites you to explore the essence and purpose of your Being in connection to others. This journey will take you through the depths of your Heart, Soul, and Body, gently guiding you toward integrating your true Self.

This retreat will guide you towards a soft and tender Opening of the Heart, providing a gateway to accessing your highest Truth. Gently leading you in bringing those revelations back to your body. It's a dance between self-discovery and embodied wisdom, where exploring who you are, seamlessly connects with a deeper understanding of your interconnectedness with the world around you.

REMEMBER is a personal invitation from my Heart to yours. A welcoming to reconnect with the core aspects of your being, creating a path towards authenticity, unity, and profound self-awareness...

"REMEMBER is a Portal to your Own Deepest Truth..."

“My first retreat (and certainly not last) at Maitreya was absolutely magical. The energy of Karen, Michi, Enki and the land is incredibly beautiful. The workshops were super enriching, the food was incredible, the atmosphere that was co-created by the team and participants felt super nourishing.


I left the retreat with my cup overflowing, full of love, gratitude and a deeper connection to myself and the people that were there with me. There is a beautiful silence on the land, which felt so grounding. The rooms are beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of community, that was so caring and loving. I can highly recommend attending a retreat at Maitreya and I can’t wait to be back.”

- Muriel, Ibiza, Spain



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Karen Piotrowski

I've heard the call to share my voice and hold loving sacred spaces years ago when I realized that my purpose was beyond working a corporate job and staying at the mercy of my fears.


Since then, I've studied Yoga, Sound Healing, Somatic Coaching, and Breathwork. I first held a healing space for myself with master plants and then shared the teachings I've received and integrated with others. I began with sounds, medicine music, and explored deeper the profound transformation that Breathwork has in our lives, in many retreats, workshops, and one-on-one settings.


The transformation I've witnessed in many retreats keeps changing my life. Every constellation of people that gathers together has a unique medicine to be explored in togetherness. And every time I get the opportunity to be of service, a new key opens new windows of inner knowing, letting the light in and the truth of my being out to be shared and celebrated with the light of all of you.


I am also a mother, and our beautiful son is part of our healing work. He has initiated me into the biggest roles of my life that I now get to share with you.

Michael Lorek

My life partner and love has been creating the physical spaces of Maitreya that will hold us through our journey together.


He is an experienced yoga teacher who learned in Rishikesh, Goa and Germany diverse styles of Yoga, focusing mostly on Yin Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa. He has also worked with different plant teachers over the years.


Together we will hold some of the ceremonies together, serving Rapéh and co-facilitating the Conscious Relating workshop, with the lessons we have gathered and applied in our sacred loving union.

He is the one organizing and making sure that everything is running smoothly, bringing in the volunteers that will cook our meals and keep our spaces beautiful.


He has a deep connection and beautiful devotion to this land, our life project.

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Arriving in Nature

Arrival at Maitreya

Introductory Walk - Connecting with the spirits of the land

Opening Ceremony - The initiation


Finding Silence Within

Morning Yoga with Michi

Nature Immersion Meditation - Walking with Sounds

Deep Inner Sound Journey


Fostering Deep Connections

2h Dynamic Healing Breathwork Workshop I

Conscious Relating - With yourself, with others and in romantic settings

Nighttime Yin Yoga with Michi

DAY  4

Unleashing Your Wildness

Somatic Movement Practice

Earth Ritual: Listening to our mother

Drumming, Wild Blindfold Dancing & Massage

DAY  5

Feeling the Depths

2h Dynamic Healing Breathwork Workshop II

Rapéh Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony & Medicine Music Concert

DAY  6


Morning Yoga with Michi

Closing Ceremony





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