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Our way of life evolves around varied types of healing work that we present in this section. These pillars of Maitreya are transformative practices and approaches that we believe in. We love to explore them in our everyday lives and to share them with our visitors and during retreats.



We integrate Yoga on a daily basis in our community life and feel eager to share this beautiful philosophy with you during your stay, retreats and online. Michi & Karen are certified Yoga teachers with years of experience.

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Meditation and other mindfulness and self-reflective practices help us to align with our vision and inner truth. We practice and enjoy many different kinds of balancing introspection with guests and visitors.

Nutriton & Fasting

Healthy Eating

We make sure that you are nourished with a variety of tasty and healthy vegan and gluten-free meals at Maitreya. Moreover, you are invited to learn about the ways nutritional styles, fasting and conscious eating habits can support you in feeling nurtured in your body and soul.



Coming together in sacred spaces and expressing creativity in its various forms foster flow and inspiration. We allow our bodies to move, our voices to be heard and our talents to shine. 

Music & Sound Healing

Music & Sound Healing

Disease can be explained as disharmony in the body, stuck energy and lack of alignment between the inner self and the life we live. By using frequencies with different instruments and sounds, we help the body to release blockages and to attune back to its natural state of homeostasis and balance.

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Human Design & Gene Keys

Human Design & Coaching

Human Design is an incredible tool for self-awareness. It assist us with grasping our individual nature, with releasing judgment about others and ourselves, and with ultimately becoming the most authentic version of ourselves.

Nature Reconnection


Dwelling outdoors provides us with a secure place where we can open up to deeper feelings, receive inspirations and connect with our intentions. Through teaching nature connection and ritual work, we actively honour nature as our home and accept our responsibility for its healing.

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