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Community Life

We are a group of six dedicated founders, united in our deep motivation to contribute to global healing and a wholehearted readiness to discover our authentic selves. Passionate about a balanced community life, we playfully research how to align with each other while equally empowering individuals. We love to support each other’s growth and healing, and to witness the joy that arises from sharing our aliveness. Come over and be part of this magical experience!

Community Life
Stay With Us

Stay with us

During the times when we don’t have retreats or educational programmes running, you can join our community and get a feeling for our life. From bringing your tent or staying in your camper van over comfortable stays in the main finca and our cozy bell tents, we offer different possibilities of accommodation. 


Diverse dishes straight from our Maitreya Kitchen will nourish your body and soul. Our meals are healthy, vegan and gluten free. As we slowly expand our Permaculture garden, you will enjoy more and more products from our own land. 


For rates and inquiries, please send us a message 

Big thanks to Ashley for capturing Maitreya's magic so beautifully! Find her here

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Michael Lorek

Co-Founder. Management, Yoga & Pedagogy

Being a certified and experienced Yoga teacher, and an educator of Waldorf/Steiner at heart, with Michi, Maitreya can rely on a deep source of wisdom for both our community life and our retreats. Michi's efficiency, motivation and commitment to our tribe is unmatched. Michi is not just an expert on how to guide young beings in the world but is also a proud and heartwarming father of Enki Maitreya.


Vera Lorek

Owner. Wisdom Keeper & Grandmother

Grandmother of Enki and mother of Michi, Vera supports our project with deep wisdom. She has the beautiful gift of bringing people together. Her warmth and love makes sure we can trust in the process of change and transformation. She has a huge passion for travelling and experiencing life in its fullest.

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Karen Piotrowski

Co-Founder. Retreats, Coaching & Healing

Karen is not only a heart-melting mother to Enki Maitreya but also supports the whole tribe with warmth and calmness. Her grounding energy makes sure Maitreya runs smoothly and allows us to reflect and come back to center. Karen is also a sound & breathwork healer. With her interdisciplinary talents and background in IT she is a valuable source of knowledge for our project.

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Enki Maitreya

Head of Cuteness & Chief of Emotions

Our newest member of the tribe fills our hearts with tenderness and laughter. Through his eyes we can view our project without judgment and step back from monotony and seriousness. Spending time with him is one of our favourite meditation techniques. Showing his emotions carefree is a reminder for release to all of us. He encourages us to strive for a positive change and reminds us that we are building something not just for ourselves but for the generations yet to come.

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Teresa Brunner

Co-Creator. Community Building, Yoga & Mentoring

Teresa’s passion for practicing and sharing yoga on and off the mat helps you invite inner balance, a sense of purpose and peace within. Weaving together practices, rituals and inspiring perspectives rooted in Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology, aligned with the needs of the groop or an individual is her way of contributing to Maitreya’s vision and our daily life in community.

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Corrie Eicher

Long-Term Collaborator. Rituals & Nature Connection

Corrie is a multi-talented master of all. Her openness and constant drive for improving processes and methods to see and understand ourselves on a deeper level is essential for our group. Having lived in the German eco-village of Sieben Linden and studied at Tamera in Portugal, she brings a ton of experience that helps us flourish. Corrie creates and holds beautiful nature-reconnection spaces for grief as a medicine.

How to Find us

How to find us

We are located at the border between Andalusía and Murcia between Puerto Lumbreras and Lorca in a cozy valley surrounded by almond tree plantations and two small forests. 

Arriving by plane: 


We can arrange airport shuttles from Alicante, Murcia & Almeria Airport

Arriving by bus: 


We can arrange a pick up from Lorca or Puerto Lumbreras bus stations for 15 €/ person.

Arriving by car


Coming from direction of Murcia / Alicante: 


  • Take the A7 in direction of Almeria/Granada  

  • Take that exit 651 onto the E15 to continue on the A91 in direction of Velez Rubio/Granada 

  • Leave the highway at exit 6 (Henares/La Parroquia)

  • On the roundabout take the first exit (La Parroquia) and and shortly after take a sharp left at Restaurante La Macetas

  • Continue for 8.5 km until you see a sign “Maitreya Healing Biotope” on your right. 


Coming from direction of Granada


  • Follow the A91 & A92 highways towards Murcia 

  • Leave the A 91 highway 

  • Leave the highway at exit 6 (Henares/La Parroquia)

  • On the roundabout take the first exit (La Parroquia) and and shortly after take a sharp left at Restaurante La Macetas

  • Continue for 8.5 km until you see a sign “Maitreya Healing Biotope” on your right. 

Alicante Airport

(distance 170 km, 2 hours) 

70 € for the first person

35 € for every additional person 

Murcia Airport

(distance 100 km, 1 hour) 

40 € for the first person

20 € for every additional person 

Almeria Airport

(distance 140 km, 1.5 hours) 


50 € for the first person

25 € for every additional person 

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