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Retreats at Maitreya

Our retreats are designed to generate a feeling of homecoming and to stimulate the many layers of an individual healing journey. 


“Health rests on three pillars: the body, the psyche, and the spiritual connection. To ignore any of them is to invite imbalance and dis-ease.” - Gabor Maté 


During our Maitreya retreats, we combine different healing aspects and weave them together to one-of-a-kind programs. These are meant to ease you into a space of reflection, connection, rebalancing and relaxation.

We are an off-grid eco-community and want to inform you that for our retreats, we strive for a close to nature simplicity and coziness. During the beginning of our project, we are limited with certain resources. Transparency is important to us, therefore we hereby state clearly that we are no luxury resort. Rather, we are focused on creating unique experiences, with our hearts devoted to make everyone feel at home.


We encourage our guests to be mindful with water and electricity usage, as we work towards creating a longterm abundance of these precious and currently limited resources.


Read more about our daily/weekly schedules here.

Maitreya Tribe Retreats

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Venue Rental

The land of Maitreya is a place for exchange, learning and deep transformation. We invite practitioners from all types of healing arts to collaborate and to co-create heartwarming and meaningful experiences for our guests. We tender our beautiful space for different kinds of events.


What we offer at our venue:


  • Arrangement for up to sixteen people, as single or double rooms.

  • Bespoke meal planning according to the dietary needs of our guests

  • Shared shower area

  • Solar electricity and high speed WIFI connection.

  • Yoga classes, Sound journeys, Human design coaching as requested.

Find us on Zenbooking for more details & contact us directly vial E-Mail to speak about your plans!

Venue Rental

Big thanks to Ashley for capturing Maitreya's magic so beautifully! Find her here 

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