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Rooted In Your Worth

a transformative breathwork and yoga retreat

Sep 27 - Oct 3, 2024

your next retreat @ Maitreya

rooted in your worth

A week in Maitreya. A place for transformational living, a healing biotope, that supports inner growth and a sustainable way of life. Think yoga with a mountain view, magical sunsets and moonrises, no neighbours, dancing, ceremonies & diving into your own inner landscape, with breathwork and other incredible practices - with Karen & Teresa

September 27 - October 3, 2024



Nothing can shake your ground anymore.


Self-criticism and feelings of unworthiness no longer stand in the way of owning the life you truly want to live.

You're determined to break free from your own limitations — the patterns that have shaped you since childhood — and the relentless pressure to prove yourself, to be loved, and to be valued.

Picture a week immersed in nature, surrounded by people ready to embrace change. It’s a week dedicated to initiating transformation, fostering connections, and shifting from self-doubt and judgment to fully owning your worth. It's about beginning to make the changes that lead to a life that authentically reflects who you are.

listen to your body and heart.

we invite you to...


Take your time to go through this offering, observe it, feel into it…


What emerges when you read this?

How does your body react?

What is your mind creating when you picture yourself in this retreat?

We want you to own this experience. 

So the answer comes from within, from your own inner knowing. 

Trust that you know what's best for you right now, 

and perhaps this retreat is exactly what you need.


Something we’ve learned is that we don’t need to convince anyone, 

we want our work to reach those who want to experience feeling rooted within themselves, those who would actually benefit from it,

those who feel and see the value of diving into these topics and practices.


And this is the self-worth journey that came before creating this offering. We were ready to fully align with our needs and values, 

to question our beliefs, be more ourselves and follow our heart. 

And now, we want to go on this journey with you, weaving together practices, tools, questions and spaces to explore, receive, experience, express, ground, be.


You are worthy of putting yourself out there, to boldly say, this is me and that is not me. 


you are worthy to know your truth, to own it.


so let's explore the theme of this journey together

Shift from (self) judgment to curiosity,

from self doubt to self appreciation and trust.

To be able to meet life from a deeper knowing,

live from the heart rather than

reacting to other people’s plans and needs.

This journey initiates a change that emerges from deep within your own heart.

We'd love for you to feel deeply rooted within your truth, so you can grow, blossom and thrive.

No more waiting for someone else or something to happen. No more overthinking, pleasing.

Say yes to your life. 

Become aware of what grounds, inspires and excites you. What you value and need.

Say yes to yourself.

Leaves Shadow _edited.jpg

meet your hosts

We can't wait to pour love into your cup, to sit in circle with you

and nourish your heart, body and soul.

Let's invite and embody more self compassion and radical honesty,

for a life that feels true to you.

Since as far back as she can remember, she has always felt that things could be done differently, even though she couldn't fully embody this belief until her most profound journey began with the realization that her corporate job and personal fears were holding her back from a truly fulfilling life. Seeking deeper understanding, she immersed herself in Yoga, Sound Healing, Plant Medicine, Somatic Coaching, and Breathwork, embracing these practices not just intellectually, but through full embodiment. Now, her greatest joy is guiding others toward liberation and helping them reconnecting with their true purpose. IN THIS LIFE!

Through this exploration, Karen found clarity amidst the complexities of her thoughts and emotions. Becoming a mother and co-creating an off-grid retreat space further deepened her appreciation for life's unpredictability and the challenges that continually move people to confront their Truth.

Karen's healing approach integrates a variety of modalities, including sound healing, somatics, breathwork, and a deep connection to the Earth. By blending vocal frequencies, healing instruments, and elements of body awareness, emotions, and nature, she creates a nurturing environment of harmony and safety.

In sacred ceremonial spaces, Karen facilitates the release of emotional blockages, supporting your journey towards a life aligned with your true purpose. Her spaces often feature powerful techniques like the 2-stage pranayama and somatic coaching, inviting deep emotional release and trauma healing.

Sharing these tools and practices creates a space for you to explore your inner landscape and innermost longing, to remember yourself home, experience a sense of belonging, to yourself, your truth and community.

Weaving together practices, impulses, rituals and journaling prompts opens a room for meeting yourself where you are, with acceptance, radical honesty and compassion.

Teresa’s passion for Yoga, its philosophy, and Astrology helps you find balance, a sense of purpose and peace within. Exploring your inner landscape and your innermost longing creates awareness for who you are deep within and where your inner compass is guiding you. Being and becoming can exist simultaneously.

Her strength lies in radiating compassion and enthusiasm, supporting you in loving yourself more deeply, believing in yourself and taking aligned action.

Her work is deeply rooted in her own experiences, a devoted practice and willingness to (un)learn more about herself each day. Overthinking, living in future scenarios and potentials, pleasing others and feeling not enough and too much at the same time caused not only immense physical tension, inflammation and self doubt, but a strong motivation to question her beliefs and life choices. Her journey led her to exploring new ways of living and inviting new connections, systems and practices, living her truth more and more each day.

Openness, curiosity and presence inform and guide her in each moment, both in her personal life and while holding space.

imagine yourself in nature for a week

diving into the depth of your being, connecting with your heart, dancing, shaking off limiting stories, freeing your body from stuck energy and nourishing your soul.

 - in a beautiful yoga shala, under a clear sky full of stars, with stunning mountain views, no neighbours and a lot of sunshine. 

what to expect


A balanced mixture of deeply grounding and energising practices. Simple, inspiring and subtle. Rooted in Hatha Yoga, connecting body, heart, mind and soul.


A fundamental part of this week will be three Dynamic Healing Breathwork Journeys to support emotional release, energetic cleansing and dissolving blockages. 


To support an opening around your heart, a softening into being, leaning into receiving rather than doing. Literally filling your cup.


Discovering yourself can be fun and deeply transformative. We're blending together different tools, exercises and coaching elements.


Movement and music help us tune into our own rhythm, to listen to our body and shake off stuck energy. Guided, no choreography, intuitive, no judgement.


Giving voice to what's alive within you is a powerful way to begin expressing yourself more freely. Listening to others sharing their experience reminds us, that we're never really alone, not too emotional or too much. Sharing is always your choice.


Truth unfolds in the in between. Nature reminds you of your own true nature.

There will be time to connect with yourself, nature and others, to integrate, sleep, wonder, journal and simply do nothing. We can recommend one of the hammocks. 


Our team will prepare three nourishing meals per day, aligned with the schedule so you'll never feel too full or too hungry. Enjoy being able to fully concentrate on your (inner) journey.

The meals will be plant-based and we'll offer fresh fruits, (decaf) coffee and tea during the day.

a glimpse at our schedule

you can find more details about the practices & workshops below. we believe you might love details, too.


arriving. externally and internally.

Opening Circle

Yoga Nidra & Sound


connecting with the earth. within and around.

Morning Practice: Movement & Mindful Walk


Dynamic Healing Breathwork

Integration & Sharing


the body's wisdom and language 

Morning Practice


Reflective talk & Sharing

Cacao Ceremony & Music


flow. inherent creativity.

Morning Practice 



Dynamic Healing Breathwork


melting down the layers of old beliefs

Morning Practice

Shaking Meditation & Movement

Rest & Journaling

Fire Ritual


creating space for something new

Morning Practice

Dynamic Healing Breathwork



life as ceremony

Morning Practice

New Moon Ceremony: Intuitive movement & dance

Closing Circle




See you soon!

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from 940,00 EUR incl. taxes

normal price from 1111 EUR incl. taxe

Choose a shared or private room

Including accommodation, three meals per day except on arrival and departure day (one meal)

what makes this retreat so magical

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Moving from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, self doubt and confusion into a state of acceptance and peace. It’s a space for remembering your innermost longing, your intuition and light. 



Aligned with nature

In the midst of an eclipse season, we might feel like we exist on another timeline, as time is standing still and on fast forward simultaneously. This helps us to reflect on where we want to go and make aligned choices.


Every session meets you exactly where you are. Karen guides you through the process of arriving, breathing, allowing and releasing. Teresa will support Karen through holding space and being available for individual needs. 

Leaves Shadow _edited.jpg


Coming together in sacred spaces and expressing creativity in its various forms foster flow and inspiration. We allow our hearts to open, our bodies to move and our truth to be heard. We hope to inspire bringing ceremonies into your life!

Palm Leaves Shadow


The Workshops combine inspiring new perspectives, self-discovery exercises and group coaching elements. We'll share some more details in the next days!


Pages filled with thoughts empty the mind, clear energy and - if guided - brings more compassion and clarity into your life. You don't have to identify as a writer! It's one of the tools that nourishes honesty and self-compassion.

How would your life change if this was just the beginning?

If you would take these practices and perspectives with you?

​We created this journey with the intention to serve your heart, during the retreat and after! We are building community, online and in person.


“My first retreat (and certainly not last) at Maitreya was absolutely magical. The energy of Karen, Michi, Enki and the land is incredibly beautiful. The workshops were super enriching, the food was incredible, the atmosphere that was co-created by the team and participants felt super nourishing.


I left the retreat with my cup overflowing, full of love, gratitude and a deeper connection to myself and the people that were there with me. There is a beautiful silence on the land, which felt so grounding. The rooms are beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of community, that was so caring and loving. I can highly recommend attending a retreat at Maitreya and I can’t wait to be back.”

~ Muriel, Ibiza

What we long for is pointing us into the direction of our heart. Can you feel the invitation to dive deeper, to journey inwards and listen?

Only by embracing our own depth, uniqueness, needs and values are we able to express, embody and attract the life and people that feel true to our heart.

It all starts within ourselves. Connecting with and feeling your own truth. 

Being in your own energy.

Feeling your roots, remembering you’re worthy of a life that feels aligned with your own heart, just because you exist.

And then, your interests, passions and curiosity take you into the direction of our heart.

You begin noticing signs and your body’s reaction more and more.

Your (hell) yes and no. 


"You are learning what is you and what is not you, what is simple a habit, condition, or thing you picked up along the way and forgot to put down. You’ve worn some things so long that you think it’s really your skin. You are learning what is yours and what is not yours. You are shedding”

Octavia Raheem ~ Pause, Rest Be



we can't wait to connect!

Drop us your questions and claim your spot

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