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Welcome to Maitreya!

Community Life, Healing Retreats & Permaculture


About Maitreya

Maitreya is a place for transformational living, a healing biotope, that supports inner growth and a sustainable way of life. Guided by the ethics of permaculture, we strive for a harmonious coexistence with nature.

We are an intentional, off-grid eco-community which is located in the midst of the semi-arid nature in Southern Spain. We're committed to openness and a non-judgmental, no-harm approach. This helps us to deal more compassionate with each other, our environment and the world.

As a healing biotope, we want to co-create a place that serves all living beings. We hope to inspire people from diverse backgrounds on their individual pathways of finding wholeness in their lives.


Read more about our vision here.

Life in harmony with nature

Guided by the ethics of permaculture, we strive for a harmonious coexistence with nature. Our mission is to transform the land of a former almond farm into a vibrant ecosystem that feels like coming home to all species.

Community values

Openness and a no-harm attitude allow us to reestablish trust and compassion as base principles for our community. We aim for a grounded and organised, safe space in order to find resilience throughout the many ecological and social challenges we are facing.

Learning & Sharing

Through creating an educational platform, we pass on our learnings and encourage visitors to find their own ways of facilitating change. In building networks based on cooperation instead of competition, we shape a regenerative system that generates abundance for us all. 

Dive into musings on being human, building community and life at Maitreya. We hope to inspire you to listen to your heart and led it lead the way. We look at life through different lenses, like Yoga, Astrology and Permaculture. Through sharing our insights, experiences and contemplations, we hope to evoke a sense of curiosity for new ways of living and relating.

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