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Solar Eclipse Musings - April 2024: a portal of change.

Two weeks ago, on the 25th of April, the sun and moon opened a portal to another timeline. With the full moon in libra and lunar eclipse in the current south node (libra) we were invited to become aware of our relationship patterns and all the ways we suppress our needs, truths and dreams in order to fit in or keep the peace. Eclipses take you back to the past for a good reason: awareness of your shadows, patterns and blocks creates the foundation for healing and transformation. What was coming up for you in the last two weeks? Where were your thoughts going? How did you feel in your body? It’s likely that you’ve been feeling a LOT – tiredness, exhaustion, confusion, irritation, more sensitive (to really anything? sounds, energy, light, …). And it might continue for a little longer.

What’s coming to the surface?

While these energies affect our system in more or less conscious ways, it’s a big opportunity to welcome topics to the surface that we’re really tired of. What has caused you frustration? It’s probably pointing in the “right” direction. What does this topic need from you? Aries energy might be exactly what’s needed to burn or melt something – patterns, blocks, beliefs, connections, barriers. It might not be clear yet, but trust that with time, you’ll know.

A North Node in astrology stands for the karmic direction we as humanity and individually are invited to grow. Embracing the higher frequency of Aries means standing up for ourselves, speaking our truth, expressing ourselves from an authentic place, sharing our gifts with the world, being on purpose. Therefore, we need to know what we’re here for, right? Need to know our truth? Our gifts? Be confident? Or not – because the not knowing is an essential phase.

Only if we’re brave and honest enough to admit that we don’t know everything, possibilities open up. Creating space for exploring our inner landscape, our longing and opening up to the idea that we all have unique gifts is in itself a huge process. Taking it step by step helps us to feel on purpose – because living our dharma (purpose) is mainly about being present in this very moment, feeling into what’s needed, right here, right now. All these big questions might initiate our journey to live a more authentic life, but the truth has always been with us.

Remembering yourself home

Aries wants us to remember. Remember that dharma is about serving, contribution, passion, joy, really following what excites you. Becoming clear about that often takes us back to our childhood. Why? Take a moment to remember what you were so excited about that you could dive into it for hours, maybe even days. Playing in the woods, exploring, building things in nature, dancing, coming up with stories, games, movement, reading and diving into other worlds, feeling fascinated about animals, plants… of course I’m a bit influenced by my sun and moon in taurus — that’s what I’ve been remembering: my strong connection to nature, creating beauty and feeling at home in my body and mind.

Remembering your ability to follow your interests and curiosity, combined with instinct and intuition, will guide you from within. Adding playfulness, openness and trust (oh and rest) helps you to discover this version of you that really wants to be true to your soul. And this particular eclipse season asks you to (finally) follow this inner call for authenticity. For a life aligned with your heart’s longing, your values and dreams. To belong to your own truth. To step out of your comfort zone, letting go of a self image that limits you. Coming into right relationship with yourself so you can be yourself in relationships.

Moving from the South Node (Libra) to the North Node (Aries) means overcoming (co-) dependeny, people pleasing, overthinking, suppressing your truth to keep the peace, disbalance – by creating harmony from within, loving yourself deeply, forgiving yourself for doubting yourself or holding back, becoming aware of your patterns, letting in new perspectives and people that support your process. Every word or topic is a journey on its own. While it’s easy to throw them together, it’s actually quite a rollercoaster ride – but one that is worth our time. Because living more true to yourself eventually inspires (or triggers 😉 people around us. Life will change, that’s for sure. Within and around you.


that life happens for you, not to you.

to ask yourself what you’re learning right now, instead of spiraling or blaming.

to rest, a lot. to play.

to ask for support.

that your tribe is out there. Or a person that you can grow with.

everyone can be your teacher.

every breakdown can be a break-through. 

Back to the Eclipse.

A fiery solar eclipse in Aries helping you to stand in your truth

Yesterday’s solar eclipse (April 8) and new moon in Aries was definitely a peak experience since I’ve started to live more in alignment with nature’s and my own rhythm. A peak of exhaustion, excitement, tiredness, confusion, impulses, joy and connection. Every eclipse has a different flavour, if they happen on an Air-Fire axis (like Libra-Aries), they mostly feel more intense and amplify reactivity, sensitivity, mental activity, but also our longing for alignment with our heart and purpose. If there’s momentum, great, use it.

If you don’t feel the impulse to act or begin something, you’re not alone – and mercury in its retrograde phase is actually asking us to deeply reflect before we act. And there’s more happening in the sky – Chiron, a comet, also known as the wounded healer was exactly conjunct the eclipse, inviting all of us to heal our identity wounds. Understanding that we’re mostly living from an unconscious place doesn’t come easy or natural for most of us.

Our reality and how we perceive it is a reflection of all our past memories, experiences and thought patterns that we accumulated over the years. So, who you think you are might have changed over these past weeks – whenever you are ready to meet yourself where you are, with radical honesty, compassion, and curiosity, it could feel like you’re getting to know new (or old, forgotten) parts of you. Embrace that. These times call all of us take responsibility (Saturn), compassionately (in Pieces), to stand up for our dreams (Mars in Pisces) by (re) discovering ourSelf, expressing our truth, remembering the fire within ourselves and in our relationships (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and North Node in Aries – huh, do you need more planets to believe that it’s time?).

Remember to surrender what’s being revealed to you. To listen. To tap into both, the feminine and masculine within you, to help you align with your soul’s purpose. Your soul Self is always in balance. You are already whole. Choose love over fear. Meet yourself with grace. Awareness is like planting seeds of change. Listen to your instinct (Sun in Aries), trust your intuition (Venus in Aries), be aware of reactivity and take time to ask what frustration, anger, irritation are trying to tell you (Moon and Mercury in Aries). Allow Venus to bring fire into your relationship (with yourself), reminding you of your passion, dancing with both, your masculine and feminine energy.

"Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside of you. Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan you flames" - RUMI

Remember that every uncomfortable situation is a learning opportunity, a reality check and clear communication might help to tap into compassion and love. Mercury retrograde in Aries and Mars in Pisces really ask us to embrace a new way of expressing ourselves with compassion. Letting go of old patterns – feeling like the victim, blaming others is essential if we want to build relationships from a place of love.

Everytime we observe a pattern, even if we’re still playing it out, it is actually a chance to break it. Be brave, be honest and vulnerable. We’re all trying our best. Sharing how we really feel, without blaming others for it, is almost an art form of communication, but it’s not impossible, it just needs practice. Moving into the age of Aquarius, this will be particularly important for co-creation. Embodying our truth attracts like minded spirits and creates a foundation of trust, understanding and openness.

A last glimpse into the future

On April 20, the planet of destruction and expansiveness will meet in Taurus, Uranus and Jupiter will remind us to remember our connection to nature, to slow down, to really see nature’s abundance. Destruction and new possibilities are deeply connected, birth and rebirth, life and death. So ask yourself what’s being destroyed in order to create a fresh start, fresh soil for what really wants to grow from a place of mindfulness, compassion and love. What wants to be nourished in the next season (Taurus).

How do your reflections and realizations affect your next steps (Mercury going direct on April 24). The nodal axis will have an effect on us for the next months, so there’s no rush when it comes to growth, (un)learning and healing. Trust your own timing, your rhythm and welcome the waves of life. It’s for your greatest good. You’re supported. We are, at this moment, creating the life and world that feels true for us. Thank you for showing up.

Journaling Questions

Here are a few questions to reflect on the last weeks. Journaling slows down our thoughts and helps us to tap into our truth. As confronting or confusing it can feel at times, there’s no need to judge or doubt or ruminate. You might read it again or not. Whatever you need. It’s your choice.

  • What is being revealed to you?

  • Are your dreams the same as a year ago?

  • What blocks are you ready to overcome?

  • What action is your intuition guiding you toward?

  • What are your resounding yeses for this astrological year?

  • What helps you being in the void, a phase of no longer, not yet? Routines, rituals, activities, …?

Let us know if these musings brought you some clarity – or more questions. And if you would like to dive deeper into working with these energies, our online ceremony is still available as an on demand video, just send us a mail here.

Or join our next online ceremonies (April 24 and May 8) – sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram for more infos.

Lots of love,


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