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Moon Musings - Remembering our connection to nature with a new moon in earthy Taurus

The moon in Taurus invites me to sit still. To fully enjoy the coziness of staying in bed for a few more moments. To watch the clouds. Listen to the birds singing their songs. To remember the beginner’s mindset and to fully relax into my own being. To slow down to feel what my body needs today, what my heart is whispering and how my mind can support me bringing to life all that wants to be (co-) created and expressed.

And what could be more helpful than spending the morning with a child that is so deeply connected to nature, his emotions, wants and needs?

“Let’s go to the hammock. Can we hide?” I could feel a full body yes. And a wave of gratitude to be back home.

Last night I spend a few moments with the land, thanking her for welcoming me back home, to a growing relationship with her and the humans that chose to co-create with me. A year ago I would have skipped this part, this conversation with nature, not knowing how “to do” it.

And this is where separation from nature begins - learning and thinking that we should constantly do something, work more, do even more to save the planet, or to follow or support someone else’s guidance, vision and goals to feel worthy or valuable.

While the earth definitely needs our actions, care and help, it’s the process of remembering our natural connection with her and receiving her beauty and healing frequency that changes our sense of belonging to and being in relationship with the earth.

Astrology - learning about the seasons, elements and archetypes, inviting more rituals and ceremonies into my life - helped me remember, question and reflect my relationship with myself and the earth.

Every season and energy takes us to another part of our existence, of our being. Asking us to explore the light and the darkness, recognizing in which ways we’re staying and holding on to lower freuqencies of these archetypes, showing us a way to meet ourselves with honesty and kindness so we can evolve into the higher frequency.

On a new moon, we sit with questions like how can I align with the higher frequency of this zodiac sign? Where is this already alive within myself, in my life? What helps me nourish the seeds of intention to live from my heart?

The earthy Taurus reminds us…

  • of our ability to manifest that which is true and alive within ourselves

  • to love ourselves, deeply — especially our body

  • to invite pleasure and joy, by leaning into the present moment experience, letting critical and doubtful thoughts dissolve through deeply connecting with our heart’s truth

  • to nourish our roots and seeds of intention

  • to trust our intuitive heart, embody our values and honour the connection with nature.

So I invite you to let these questions and reminders sink in, to journal and meditate. Allow yourself a moment to honour your connection with nature. It can be as simple as appreciating the beauty of a plant, a flower — even in your room. If you have access to a forrest, go for a walk and feel the stability, groundedness and security that trees offer you. Walk barefoot, feel the earth below you. Let her beauty open your heart a little more, let it melt down layers of doubt, resistance and fear. Be present with any subtle sensations, letting them guide your loving attention.

And if your curious heart is longing for more, join our new moon ceremony on Wednesday 8th 7-9pm (or receive the recording). We’re weaving together practices that support you in your journey of living a life in alignment with your heart’s longing, your values and dreams.

Yoga, Breathwork, astrological impulses and Journaling create a safe and magical container for deep listening and feeling your truth.

Our intention for this ceremony is..

  • to deeply relax and ground before allowing the breath to take you into your inner landscape

  • to invite the willingness to meet yourself with radical honesty and compassion as a foundation to ask powerful questions, set your heartfelt intention and live from a place love.

Send us an email or dm us on Instagram to receive more information and to sign up.

I will talk a little more about Taurus’ higher and lower frequencies in the beginning of the ceremony, with a focus on our body’s wisdom - because our body is the portal and bridge to our inner landscape, meditative states and a sense of belonging.

Karen and I can't wait to sit in ceremony with you!

Sending you lots of love,


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