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Taurus' invitation to relax into your being.

Reflections and musings inspired by the new moon in Taurus

On a new moon in Taurus, we’re being invited to slow down, reflect on our ability to deeply relax and rest, recognizing ways we judge ourselves or keeping us away from feeling pleasure, joy and receiving.

To build trust in our body’s wisdom is the foundation for a life in alignment with your needs and values, a life rooted in unconditional love for yourself, others, the earth and all beings.

This earthy season and new moon invites us to receive nature’s medicine and remember the healing effect of slowing down, patience, acceptance, compassion, mindfulness and self love.

As Taurus is the second archetype of the zodiac, we’re coming from a fiery season (Aries), wanting to act, start, initiate, work, do — and while we definitely want to use our passion and energy, Taurus asks us to be really honest with ourselves: are we acting on our own values? Does our foundation, our roots feel stable? Do we feel safe within ourselves? Or are we trying to build on something that’s actually not rooted in our own truth?

This is a moon to be grounded and real. Fused with compassion and kindness we get to nourish the seeds we’ve planted, in a loving, mindful and (com)passionate way.

You can think of the Zodiac as an ongoing evolution, each sign builds on the other, that’s why we might feel like we’re traveling back in time before a new moon, being reminded of what we’ve initiated for the past cycle. The days before a new moon are called the dark moon phase - a call to go inwards, reflect on the last cycle and season, in order to set intentions that are informed by an honest conversation with ourselves.

Aries shows us where we are on our journey of living our truth, our dharma (purpose).

Taurus asks us to nourish our roots so we can rise and manifest a life in alignment with our values, with (our) nature.

While this might sound like we’re fully leaning into the masculine - growing and building - it is actually more about finding a balance and inviting both energies into expression: recognizing our roots, the foundation, our values and truth, to feel safe and grounded in our body to be able to let the feminine dance with it. If we’re holding on to judgement, self criticism around our body, pleasure, joy and self care, trying to feel worthy of love and rest through doing more, we will find ourselves in a downward spiral leading to exhaustion and denying the part of us that IS worthy of love and rest regardless of how much we work.

Taurus is ruled by Venus - and when I think about me diving into astrology a couple of years ago this didn’t make 100% sense to me because I’ve been holding this story in my mind about Taurus as a bull, being stubborn, slow, even boring and lazy and of course connected to nature. It’s been such a joy and healing process since I’ve opened myself to discovering the feminine inside of me, all its different aspects - but that’s for another time.

So coming back to practicality and simplicity - Taurus invites us to…

  • remember our resourcefulness

  • (re)discover and embody our values, our truth

  • create safety within ourselves to be willing to meet us where we are, with compassion and kindness

  • remember our ability to manifest that which is alive within

  • open to the idea of being worthy of pleasure, joy and receiving - before/ regardless of how much we’ve worked

  • balance giving and receiving

  • accept and own all parts of ourselves

I'd love to share an extract from Lunar Living, by Kirsty Gallagher, with you:

"Root to rise is the essence of this moon. You need to be rooted in your own reality, your own truth and to know, accept and own every part of yourself completely, wholeheartedly and unapologetically - which, first and foremost, means reaching into your depths and seeing yourself for who you truly are. This moon will show you the reality of your life as it is right here, right now - the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It's only from this point of being in the reality of the present moment that necessary change can ensue. It's a moon for focusing your intention on what matters to you and what needs to change in order for you to become completely happy and secure. (...) Mostly though, this is a moon for self-care. It's a moon that wants to know what brings you pleasure and joy and fills you up. It teaches you about enjoying life. Rather than adopting the masculine energy of doing, this moon shows you what gifts are available to you if you are willing to slow down and tune in to the feminine energy of receiving. (…) this moon will help you to see this and make amends, so that you can fully receive in order to be able to give. (…) You see, we use 'being busy' as an excuse not to delve deeper, to really listen to what is going on and, often, as an avoidance tactic for why we 'can't' focus on ourselves or our dreams and inner desires."

The body as our gateway to pleasure, joy and belonging

As long as I can remember, the relationship with my body affected my sense of belonging, safety and confidence. How’s your relationship with your body affecting your life? Feeling at home in the body and mind is, at least for me, something that I needed to intentionally invite into my life - through rituals and routines, reflecting on all the ways I've separated myself from parts of my body, by comparing and judging.

Loving our body, tending to its aches, pains, marks and uniqueness with compassion and softness, not trying to push, change or fight, shifts our energy and helps us connect with who we really are, which is loving awareness. Bathing in our own love will invite joy and pleasure naturally.

Softening doesn’t mean becoming weak, it’s quite the opposite. There’s a strength found in softness, loving deeply and radical compassion. A strength that invites all of us into the full expression of who we are. That’s when belonging unfolds from within.


Venus and the heart chakra as our guides to loving deeply, balancing giving and receiving

As Venus is the planet of sensuality, love, pleasure and values, she reminds us to tend to our body from a place of love. While sensuality and pleasure are also related to sexuality, the Latin word sensualis means "endowed with feeling, sensitive” - so it brings our focus to our human ability to feel emotions and to our senses, through which we connect with the outer world. The Anahata Chakra (energy center) which is located in the heart space, is the bridge where our inner and outer world converges. Through our senses, we take in information, through our heart, we feel, receive and give.

How beautiful is our ability to….

feel the wind, the sun, a soft touch, our clothes on our skin, keeping us warm,

hear the birds’ songs, a child’s laughter, the bees’ buzzing,

see nature’s beauty, the colours of an evening sky, our friend’s smile,

taste the sweetness of self grown fruits, the salty water,

smell our morning coffee or tea, fresh air after the rain.

We might take it for granted until our nose is blocked, or we lose our eyesight, so remember to take it all in, to embody Taurus energy a little more often, to invite gratitude for the simple things that add to our experience of pleasure and joy.

Let your heart lead the way through listening deeply, tuning in with your own rhythm, your cycles and seasons. Your body is helping you to go inwards, so connect with your heartbeat and the sensations in your body.

Bringing compassion to our present experience helps us feeling safe enough to fully listen to our body’s needs and our heart’s longing

Bringing awareness to our body might not feel as easy as you wished it to be. The relationship with our body might be covered with layers of judgement, fear, shame and comparison from past experiences and beliefs we’ve accumulated. So practicing self compassion and kindness might be the first step in order to feel willing and safe to listen to your body’s sensations and needs.

Loving kindness meditation, a meditation practice called R.A.I.N. taught by Tara Brach and journaling have been my medicine and still help me to really feel and listen.

Life as ceremony

With ceremonies and rituals we create a safe space to tend to our body’s and heart's wisdom.

We learn our body’s language and listen to our heart’s longing. Meeting ourselves where we are with compassion and kindness, so we can take the steps that are needed for meeting our needs and to live in alignment with our values and dreams.

And then, at some point, we might realize, our whole life can be a ceremony. Devoting ourselves to a path unfolding from within, from a deep connection to the earth, mother nature and our own truth. Taking care of yourself really is the most essential gift. From this place of deep relaxation, owning your truth, accepting and loving yourself, your inner and outer world will feel the effect.

Trust your body’s wisdom, your heart’s longing. They’re speaking to you for a reason. With the new astrological year, we started co-creating a monthly virtual new moon ceremony, to honour community, connect and share life.

You can still purchase the recording from our last ceremony, just drop us a message here.


To take you into your own inner landscape, I invite you to journal from your heart, letting the mind take a seat, receiving the breath, listening to the answers coming from within.

  • How is my relationship with your body, can I feel gratitude, judgment or anything in between?

  • Where am I (not) listening to its’ signs?

  • How does a full body yes or no feel like in my body?

  • Do my routines, habits and relationships affirm who I am and feel good in my body?

  • Have I been meeting my own needs or am I depriving yourself?

  • Am I able to relax deeply into my own being?

  • If not, what is standing in the way, keeping me from relaxing?

  • Am I allowing myself pleasurable experiences? Or am I judging myself for wanting them?

  • What helps me to feel held and truly cared for?

  • How can I invite the idea of being worthy of joy, pleasure and relaxation? How can I invite an experience of joy, pleasure and relaxation?

  • What can I do in the next 24 hours to nurture my relationship with my body, rest, joy and/ or pleasure?

Let us know if you wish for further support on your journey, we love holding space for your unfolding truth. E-Mail us here.

Sending you lots of love,

Karen & Teresa

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