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Hello World!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

We are proud of having the Maitreya website published, in a time of pursuing multiple projects simultaneously and having our days full of enjoyable tasks! It's been almost two months from our arrival at the finca, the land and house in the Southern Spanish mountains. So now, the seven of us live here, building a community and taking first steps towards the foundation of a retreat center - a mutual dream of ours.

We wish to be active in sharing of our daily life and progress through this blog. Thus, as a reader you can get an understanding here of who we are and what do we wish to do. We invite you to connect with us in the form of a message, a call or a simple "like" on our social media channels. Thanks for checking out the page!

Peace & love, and our dearest greetings to you,

Kasimir & Maitreya team

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